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Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup

Struggling with Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup? Looking for the Aigital Extender Setup process? Aigital WiFi repeater first, recognizes and accepts the available signals, then amplifies them, and finally, circulates the amplified signals. In other words, Aigital WiFi repeater helps to boost the WiFi signal strength. It provides a high-speed internet connection for browsing, chatting, playing games, and much more.  This WiFi repeater supports router mode, AP mode, Bridge mode, and client mode. It can extend the WiFi coverage from any router due to its universal compatibility. Aigital WiFi repeater is a budget-friendly device that is ideal for homes and offices. 

Types of modes of Aigital WiFi repeater

Following are the different modes in Aigital WiFi repeater:

AP mode: This mode provides wireless connectivity. You can use this mode at home or the workplace.

Router mode: This mode of the Aigital WiFi repeater is used to share one wired connection to several people because this mode supports numerous connection types.

Bridge mode: This mode is used in cafeterias, bars, homes, and offices to share internet services without password.

Client mode: This mode of Aigital WiFi repeater helps to connect a wired device. 

Step to set up Aigital WiFi repeater

You can set up the Aigital WiFi repeater either through wired setup or through wireless setup method. Let’s discuss both methods.

Steps to set up Aigital WiFi repeater through a wired connection

If you want to have a wired connection then you just need to connect your WiFi repeater and the device through an ethernet cable. And your Aigital WiFi repeater is connected.

Steps to set up the Aigital WiFi repeater through the wireless method

The LED light indicators locate the areas for the placement of the repeater for strengthening the signals. The different colors imply the performance of the Aigital WiFi repeater. Follow the below-mentioned steps to set up the Aigital WiFi repeater:

Step 1: First of all, unbox your Aigital WiFi repeater and plug it in the power socket to turn it on.

Step 2: Now, connect the repeater to the WiFi signals either through a phone or a computer.

Step 3: Then, launch a preferred web browser on your system and go to the official website of Aigital repeater.

Step 4: Thereafter, on the login page, you need to enter the login username and password and click on the sign-in button. The default username and password for your Aigital WiFi repeater is admin.

Step 5: After that, your device will scan and show a list of all available networks.

Step 6: Now, select your home or office WiFi network and then type WiFi password in the required field.

Step 7: Next, set up a new network SSID and password and then click on the next button.

Step 8: This will be your Aigital WiFi repeater’s name. You need to search for it and then connect it.

These steps will help you with the Aigital WiFi Repeater Setup. Follow the above steps to complete the Aigital Extender Setup and say goodbye to buffering of WiFi and enjoy uninterrupted browsing.