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What does FIOS Router Yellow Light Mean?

If you are seeing a yellow light on your FiOS router, it means your router can’t connect to the internet. It can be because of service outrage, maintenance, power supply error or more. You can resolve this error by rebooting your router. However, if the FiOS router yellow light issue is not resolved, you need to understand the three stages. All these three stages are different, and you need to determine the types of yellow lights present on your FiOS gateway. 

To proceed further, you need to understand the issue, and once you know the exact issue, it becomes easy to resolve it. Our blog will help you how you can troubleshoot your Verizon Router Yellow Light.

Why Is Your FiOS Router Yellow?

The reasons for this FiOS router yellow light can be different, and the most common reasons for this issue are:

  • FiOS routers may be having issues with internet outrage.

  • It is possible that your router is having trouble connecting to the internet.

  • The connection may be fluctuating.

  • There is no proper power supply.

  • There may be a possible hardware or software bug.

verizon router yellow light

How to Fix FiOS Router Yellow Light?

There are several working methods that will help you with troubleshooting your FiOS router and eliminate the blinking of the FiOS router yellow light:

Switch Off Your Router

Like other electrical equipment, wireless routers occasionally experience errant issues that may be resolved by rebooting the device.

verizon router yellow light

Rebooting the Verizon FiOS Router in Steps:

  • First, go to in your web browser.

  • Now, to access the router settings section, enter your login information.

  • Once it is open, select “Advanced Option” from the top menu bar.

  • Then click on “Utilities” under “Advanced,” then “Reboot Router.”

  • After a restart, the issue is resolved if a steady white light appears.

If the Verizon WiFi router’s yellow blinking continues, though, it’s time to try the alternative approaches described below.

Inspect Cables and Wall Jacks

Your loose cables can be the reason behind the FiOS router’s yellow light. To resolve this issue, follow the below steps:

  • First, examine the wall jack and wires in detail.

  • Now check to make sure they are not loose or damp.

  • Replace any bad wires if you find them.

  • Lastly, for a solid connection, use a microfiber cloth to clean the ports and wires.

Check for Maintenance and Outrage in your area.

Is your Verizon router having issues, or is there a local internet outage? If so, that may be the cause of the FiOS router’s yellow light. Still trying to figure out whether this is the situation.

How to Check Whether the Internet is Down or Needs Maintenance:

  • First, inquire with your neighborhood distributor about any planned or urgent maintenance.

  • For further details, visit the official service outage page.

  • You must wait until the internet is back online if an outage or maintenance is going on.

verizon fios router yellow light

Some other methods to solve FiOS router yellow light

Re-Pair your Extender and Router

It is possible that your router and WiFi extender need to pair up with one another; because of this, it is showing a yellow light. To resolve this FiOS router’s yellow light problem:

  • First, start by pressing and holding the front buttons of the WiFi extender and router for at least five to seven seconds. 

  • Now, you will see that you are in the pairing mode.

  • After that, if there appears a blue light, this means that your devices are paired, and you can now connect to the internet.

Modem Overloading

Your modem bandwidth may be less in comparison with the number of people using it. When the device is facing an overloading issue, this means the internet connectivity will be poor.

Steps to reduce the modem overloading:

  • First, try to disconnect the devices from the router. 

  • Now limit the devices that will connect the router. 

  • After that, restart the router and check for the white light. 

  • In case you need a device with more bandwidth so that more people can connect to it, you can replace it with a new router with more bandwidth.

yellow light on verizon router

Firmware Updates

If you have followed all the steps so far, and your FiOS router yellow light blinking issue still prevails, then you can try for firmware updates:

Steps to use for firmware updates:

  • Start by opening the router’s admin web page.

  • Now login into your account. 

  • Then, go to the system settings section and check for software updates.

  • If you find any update, download and install it. 

  • Once the updates are done, restart your router.


We have briefed you on different methods of troubleshooting your FiOS router yellow light issue. If you have used all these points and this error still prevails, then you can call our experts for immediate assistance. We will assist you with practical solutions. You can call, email or chat with us. Thus, our experts are here to guide you on your routers and extender problems.


1. How can I fix the yellow light on my FiOS router?

To resolve the FiOS router yellow light issue:

  • First, check your internet service provider if there is any outrage. 
  • Unplug your router, wait a few seconds, then connect it back in to restart it.
  • Then, ensure that all wires are firmly attached to the modem and router.
  • If the problem continues, carry out a factory reset in accordance with your router’s instructions.

2. What causes the yellow WiFi light?

A yellow WiFi indicator can indicate several problems. It might be an indication of a WiFi connection issue, such as interference, a poor signal, or a setup error. Restarting your router, looking for interference, and checking your WiFi settings are all ways to troubleshoot.

3. Why is my router's yellow light blinking?

A yellow light that blinks may indicate network activity or a problem. If it persists, your internet connection may be having trouble. Try rebooting the router and looking for any ISP service interruptions.

4. What do a router's light colors mean?

Depending on the brand and type, router light colors might vary, but generally:

  • A healthy link is solid green.
  • Green blinking often indicates data activity.
  • Issues or cautions may be indicated by yellow or amber lights.
  • Red lights typically indicate critical issues.
  • For more information on light color meanings, consult your router’s handbook.

5. How can I fix the blinking light on my router

Depending on the router and the individual issue, you can fix a blinking light:

  • First, try restarting the router to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Then check for power, ethernet, and DSL/fiber connection cables for loose connections.
  • For specific troubleshooting instructions for your model, see the user manual or manufacturer’s website for your router.
  • If the problem continues, get in touch with your ISP because it can be an issue with your internet service.