How To Fix Red Light On Spectrum Router

A Spectrum router is a networking tool that a telecommunications firm called Spectrum which they offers to its clients for linking numerous devices to the internet and setting up a local area network (LAN). The router serves as a gateway in home or workplace internet settings, allowing wired and wireless access to the internet via a cable or DSL modem. It transmits internet signals to smartphones, computers, smart TVs, and other devices within its range using a variety of wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi. Still, sometimes you may see red light blinking on the router. This blog will help you on how to fix the red light on the spectrum router.  

When the light on your router is red, you will be unable to connect to the internet. This issue could be the spectrum outrage, malfunctioning of the router, or ethernet cable issue.

Essential things to know before we start on how to fix the red light issue on the spectrum router:

  • Check if there is an outage or scheduled maintenance in your region before continuing to troubleshoot your network.

  • Before contacting Spectrum customer care, troubleshoot your router starting with the simplest function and working your way up to the most complex.

  • Checking whether or not your modem’s “Online” light is on. It is a good troubleshooting step. It will let you know if the router or your ISP is the problem. 


Now, we will start with the troubleshooting process on how to fix the red light on the spectrum router

  1. Check for any outrage issue: If you see a red light blinking on your spectrum router, then it may be possible that there is a service outage in your area. You can check this issue by visiting the official website of the spectrum router. 
  • A solid red light showcases that it is a spectrum issue, not your router’s problem. 

  • If there is actually an outage problem, then you can wait until it gets resolved or can ask for help from the spectrum. 

  This may help on how to fix the red light on the spectrum router.

2. Try to check for any splitters and cables:

Wiggle the cables that are attached to your modem. If any one of them is loose, tighten them.

  • The thick, black coaxial cable that Spectrum utilizes has a plug that resembles a circle with a pin in the middle on each end; if this pin is bent rather than straight, it will disrupt your connection.

  • There may be a power problem if your Spectrum router has no lights at all. Either there is a problem with your power strip or wall outlet, or the router is not connected to a power supply.

  • You have a splitter if you have Internet and TV connected with Spectrum. Make that it is not damaged, broken, or loose.

3. Attempt a simple router and modem restart:

A round restart button is located towards the bottom of the front of the modem that comes with Spectrum service.

  • For the first 30 seconds, or until you see the restart indicator lights flash, press and hold the restart button.

  • On the front of Spectrum basic modems is a restart button. The “reset” button on the back of either gadget should not be pressed.

  • The illuminated symbols on the modem should blink continuously for an additional 5 to 30 seconds as it re-connects to the internet if everything is functioning properly.

  • Once connected with the modem, it should blink the blue light, which means that your wifi is working again.

Some other ways on how to fix the red light issue on the spectrum router:

  1. Try to reboot your modem and router to fix the reason why my router is blinking red spectrum light: The modem and router need to be manually restarted if you’re still disconnected. To accomplish this, completely unplug the power connections from both devices.

Theoretically, this is identical to pressing the restart button. Even yet, it is the only approach that completely ensures a complete shutdown and restart of the apparatus. Not just for Spectrum’s entry-level products, this step applies to all modem and router types:

  • Disconnect the black cable plugged into the outlet that powers the modem.

  • Cut off the power to the router and give it a minute.

  • Reconnect the power to the modem.

  • Hold off until the “online” and “power” lights are both completely blue. The “voice” and “batter” icons are not a problem.

  • Reconnect the power to the router.

  • Wait a minute or two. When your Wi-Fi network is ready for use, the router should start flashing blue while it reconnects and then turn solid blue.

Although, after doing this, how to fix the red light on the spectrum router does not resolve then, we probably need to contact Spectrum support if the light returns to blinking red. 

2. Check whether the modem is online or not

It’s a common issue for the router to flash a red light even though it showcases an online icon. 

  • If the modem online icon flashes a red light, it means you are not connected to the internet. This will not resolve why my router is blinking a red spectrum

  • Modem: It is a device connecting with your wall’s coaxial jack.

  • Router: It is a device that generates the wifi network.

The modem helps in connecting your internet to the home, while the router generates the wifi that connects to your devices. If you see one device, this means you have a combo, and the above directions will apply because there is just one power supply to both devices.

3. Check if the router is too heated

The router may be overheating if you notice a slowly blinking red light. If the router is covered and all the vents are obstructed, this may occur. Consider shifting the router to an open area.     

In the end: All these steps will assist you in troubleshooting how to fix the red light on the spectrum router issue. This step-by-step guide will allow you to check and reset your modem and router settings to resolve the red light on the spectrum issue. However, at any time you feel that you need clarification and are getting troubled with any aforesaid points or different points, get in touch with us. We are here to help you 24/7 and will resolve all your queries immediately.