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How to Reset a Linksys Router

Linksys routers are known for its dependability and efficiency and offer smooth WiFi access for both households and businesses. Linksys routers provide an improved internet experience thanks to its intuitive user interfaces, cutting-edge technologies like MU-MIMO technology, and strong security measures. Moreover, Linksys routers offer quick and reliable connections whether you’re streaming, playing a game, working, or just surfing, making them a top option for individuals who want the finest performance from their network. Although Linksys routers work well, in case it is not working and you need to know how to reset Linksys routers, we are here to guide you. 

Are you looking for how to reset the Linksys router? If yes, then read the blog further to know how you can do this. In case you do not want to perform this function by yourself, you can get assistance from our experts.

Methods to Reset Linksys Router

Do you have additional connectivity problems, or does your Linksys router remain red? Your network can function normally once more by resetting the router to its factory default settings, which can assist in addressing all of the issues.

There are two ways to reset the Linksys router:

  • One, When you press the reset button

  • Second, via the use of a web interface

So, let’s examine each technique in further depth:

Pressing Reset Button

The reset button is the best and most straightforward way to reset any Linksys router. When the router is within your physical reach, and you don’t want to make a backup of your settings, you can utilize this option. Let’s start this method to learn how to reset the Linksys router:

  • First, find the router’s reset button. Usually, the router’s back or side will include a small, recessed button.

  • Then, press and hold the reset button for ten to fifteen seconds using a paperclip or other tiny item.

  • When the Linksys router’s LED lights begin to flicker, let go of the reset button.

  • Next, unplug the router for 30 seconds from the power source.

  • Now, reattach the router and watch for the Power LED to turn on.

how to reset linksys extender

Using Web Interface to Reset Linksys Router

You may quickly restore the factory settings on your Linksys router through the online interface. Now, to use this technique, you must log into the router’s web interface. You can utilize this technique when the router is out of your reach. However, you may also decide to back up your settings for later restoration.

Steps to Take:

how to reset linksys router password
  • First, connect a computer to the router’s network using an Ethernet cable or WiFi.

  • Now, launch any web browser and enter into the address box.

  • Enter in the search box of any browser.

  • Then, enter the admin username and password for the router. 

  • After that, the default password, if you haven’t changed it already, is admin.

  • Put in the admin username and password for the router.

  • Now, go to the Administration area after logging in.

  • Again, go to the Administration part of the menu.

  • From there, find and choose the “Factory Defaults” option. 

  • Then, locate and choose the “Factory Defaults” choice.

  • Select “Restore Factory Defaults” from the menu.

  • Now select “Restore Factory Defaults” from the menu.

  • Finally, your Linksys router will restart and reset itself at this point.

How to Reset Linksys Router to its Default Settings?

There are again two methods that will help you to reset Linksys router to its default settings. To know these steps, read the below details:

Using Web Interface

To reset Linksys router to its default settings, you need to follow this first step:

  • First, you need to open a web browser while it is connected to the router.

  • After that, type into the URL field.

  • Now, use the admin password or your email and password for local access. 

  • Next, choose Diagnostics from the menu on the left, then Troubleshooting. 

  • At last, press the Reset button and then Yes to restore the Linksys router to its default settings.

how to factory reset linksys router

Using the 30-30-30 method

If you have an old Linksys router, then this method is for you. You can easily reset Linksys router to its default settings using this method. Because this approach clears all the NVRAM memory modules, it is not really necessary for modern routers that employ flash memory.

The steps are as follows:

How to Reset Linksys Router
  • First, turn on the router.

  • Now, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.

  • Then, unplug the power cable from the router while continuing to hold the reset button.

  • Now, press for another 30 seconds, then reconnect the power cable.

  • While continuing to hold the reset button and press it again for another 30 seconds.

  • Finally, wait for 10 seconds, and you will see that you have reset the Linksys router to its default settings.


The blog has furnished some critical points in terms of guidance that will help you with how to reset Linksys routers. This information will assist you to perform a reset function on your own. Although the information is accessible, in case you don’t have time and have urgent work to do, then our experts can assist you with solutions. They can perform this function on your behalf. They will instantly resolve your queries and will let you focus on your goals. Thus, you can call us anytime for any guidance and assistance related to Linksys routers.