Knowing how to update router firmware is important for two key reasons: safety and presentation. Unless you’ve spent the previous few years beneath a rock, you recognize wireless routers are full of security holes. Plus, new security concerns pop up all the time. There’s also internet link speed to deem. As we put heavier loads on home wireless networks, we require a faster, more reliable internet connection. Continue reading to learn how to update netgear router firmware to keep your network quick and secure.

Updating your router’s firmware can help improving your home network’s security. It is suggested to fix the newest obtainable updates always to keep your network safe and secure.

Here are the essential things to know when upgrading your device’s firmware:

Here are the essential things to know when upgrading your device’s firmware:

1. Identify the Device Model Number
You might verify the model number from the following:
Printed on the device pack or the label at the base of the router.
On your Home Network Security app, go to Devices, and then look for Primary Router. Hit it to observe the details, involving router model.

2. Install Firmware Updates
Get the newest updates from the NETGEAR website:
Open the link below by any computer linked to your NETGEAR router:
Security Advisory for many Vulnerabilities on Some Routers, Mobile Routers, Modems, Gateways, and Extenders.
Look for your router mock-up, then clack on firmware version to outlook the instructions on how to upgrade firmware.

Follow the instructions to set up the upgrades.
Ensure that you have steady power supply linked to your device when doing a firmware update.
For further help, consult your router’s producer.

Why upgrade router firmware?

You should know how to update your Netgear router’s firmware for a securer, quicker internet link. No matter how up-to-date your virus protection software is, your router creates a tempting backdoor for hackers. That’s awful for many reasons, as you do all sorts of things online. You type credit card numbers, enter bank passwords, and shop.

If you desire to provide hackers a suitable knothole to listen through, upgrading router firmware frequently is a better idea.

Not Just For Security

You may not recognize it, but you’re using more net bandwidth almost each day. Desktop PCs and laptops, tablets, phones, voice assistants, and even smart door locks and coffee makers team up to suck data throughout your router.

If you don’t identify how to upgrade router firmware, you might miss out on speed-enhancing tweaks that put you in the speedy lane. Growing internet demands are fueling the drive for 5G networks and fiber optic internet service, and routers require keeping the pace with the times.

Update router firmware tips

  • “Is my router firmware up-to-date?” There is no instantaneous online checker. Check your firmware status on your router’s web management page
  • Do not upgrade your router firmware wirelessly. That’s like fixing a plane in midair. If the update fails, you hurtle. Connect an Ethernet cable first to stay linked.
  • Consider purchasing a router that upgrades itself. A few of the least susceptible are the Asus RT-AC5300 and the Google Wifi routers.
  • Alter your router admin password. When you first update your router firmware, your username and password are almost certainly both “admin.” Alter them
  • Enter your WiFi name and password. They’re diverse than your router admin password. They may retune when you update your router firmware
  • Don’t disrupt an upgrade. Once a router firmware upgrade is in progress, clicking “back” or closing the window can cause concerns

Why do we require firmware upgrades?

As firmware carries out the essential functions of hardware, firmware updates fetch some alterations in the plan, which are obligatory to facilitate the analogous devices to operate capably as well as to fix the bugs for better safety. Some of the upsides of upgrading to the most new firmware are:


  1. A firmware update will promote your device with superior operational instructions without requiring any updation in the hardware.
  2. By upgrading the firmware, you will be capable to discover new features that are added to the device and also have an enhanced user experience while interacting with the device.
  3. A firmware update will optimize the presentation of firmware or device driver, improving the presentation of the processor.
  4. It will have an important impact on the development of instruction times, out of order execution, branch forecast, and tentative execution time.
  5. A few issues might have developed in the system over time due to software upgrades; these concerns can be handled with driver updates by providing service fixes.
  6. Users can stop their gears from becoming outdated by adopting the extra functionalities and abilities that come with the firmware upgrade.
  7. Optimizing device drivers will also assist you rapidly decipher algorithms and thus use the hardware to a best level.
  8. The logic process of most of the appliances we make use of resides in EPROM (Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory), which can be updated in case of firmware update.
  9. Regular firmware upgrades will decrease necessity for exclusive repairs or bug fixes.
  10. After updating the microcode, all the device peripherals will work better together, eradicating the delays, and thus improving the overall presentation.

Things to keep in mind prior to applying a firmware update

Previous to upgrading the firmware, you require making sure that the upgrade is for the precise device model that you own. If you pertain an update that is proposed for a similar-but-different model, your device would be at a stern risk of becoming non-operational. 

In such cases, the old microcode will be overwritten with the new plans that are mismatched with your device model, so installing such upgrade will brick your device.

How to update the Netgear router firmware

NETGEAR frequently releases firmware updates to recover product presentation, insert features, and improve security. The easiest ways of upgrading your firmware on your NETGEAR router are with the Nighthawk app or automatically throughout a webpage. If you desire to load a precise firmware version, pursue these instructions.

  1.     Link your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable. Visit NETGEAR Support.
  2.     Type your router’s Model Number or Product Name.   Click on Downloads.
  3.     Pick firmware version and click Download.
  4.     Unzip the file if required.
  5.     Type in a web browser.A login page displays.
  6.     Enter the router admin username and password.The defaulting user name is admin. The password is the one you specified the first time you logged in.
  7.     Choose ADVANCED > Administration.
  8.    Pick Firmware Update or Router Update.The label varies relying upon your router.
  9.    Click on ‘Choose File or Browse’, then place and pick for the firmware file that ends in .img/.chk.
  10.   Click the Upload button.The firmware upgrades starts and the router resumes. The firmware update            procedure takes about two minutes.

 To check for new firmware and how to update Netgear router firmware:

  1. Open a web browser whilst linked to your router’s network.
  2. Type or, if known, your router’s IP address.
  3. Login using your administrative credentials.
  4. Choose ADVANCED > Administration > Router Update.
  5. Pick for Check button to confirm NETGEAR’s servers for a firmware upgrade. If anything is obtainable it will show a message asking if you desire to download and fix it.

Note: If nothing is accessible you already have the newest firmware and can move on to enabling Circle with the directions below.

  1. Select yes to download and set up the update. Wait till the web GUI indicates that the system is set to continue further.  

Enabling Circle on NETGEAR

  1. The enable Circle 1st generation page shows after the firmware is upgraded.
  2. Click on ENABLE button. The parental controls home page will exhibit.
  3. Move the slider labelled “Disabled” next to Circle 1st creation to enable Circle. Note: You can only facilitate one parental controls service.
  4. Click on Apply key. The links to download the Circle app displays.

Already have a Circle Home device?

Are you seeking to set up Circle on your NETGEAR router and already have a Circle Home device? Prior to setting up Circle on NETGEAR, ensure that you’ve turned OFF your Circle Home device. Enabling Circle on NETGEAR from the app is as simple as tapping ‘Pair New Circle” and then whilst on your NETGEAR Wi-Fi, tap the Circle on NETGEAR set up alternative

Setting up Circle on NETGEAR

Now that you’ve upgraded your router firmware and enabled Circle on NETGEAR you can set up Circle 1st generation. Download the Circle app from the iOS App Store or from the Android Play Store and then unlock it while linked to your NETGEAR router’s Wi-Fi system to start setting up your Circle parental controls..

 Wrapping Up

Digital services are undergoing recurrent changes as the procedure of progress is a never-ending one. New products are introduced to the marketplace and are packed with newer technologies. By upgrading the firmware, your accessible devices will become capable enough to contend with the newer products, giving you the newest functionalities on the same hardware.