Linksys RE6400 Setup

Linksys RE6400 Setup

Linksys RE6400 is a range extender that boosts EX Wifi Range. This extender from Linksys has 802.11ac technology and comes with a plug in format factor. This factor allows you to plug in the product into the power outlet. It is a WiFi extender that will enhance your WiFi coverage and existing range of wifi network. The RE6400 includes features like dual-band connectivity, cross-band technology, and quick setup thanks to Linksys Spot Finder. It supports both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands.

Are you looking for Linksys RE6400 setup through WPS and Web Browser? Don’t worry, this blog will guide you on how you can set up your Linksys RE6400 that will easily amplify the range of your Wifi network.

Step 1: How to setup Linksys RE6400 with WPS method ?
  • You need to put the extender within the range of the wifi router.

  • Plug in the Linksys RE6400 router into the power outlet and turn it on.

  • Try to hold the WPS button until the WPS led light begins to blinks in the Re6400.

  • After two minutes, press the WPS button on your Wifi router.

  • Allow the RE6400 extender to get connected with the router.

  • Once both devices will be connected WPS Led will not be flashing anymore.

  • Make sure you have placed your extender at the right place so that the wireless network coverage can be extended.

  • Then, check if your WiFi enabled devices are connected to the extended network.

  • That’s it, you have extended your WiFi range through WPS setup, it will automatically get connected every time you plug it in back.

Step 2: How to setup Linksys RE6400 through Web Browser?

Before starting your web browser setup you need to ensure things like:

  • Your Wifi connection must be active.

  • You have all the details of your Wifi setting like its name, password, security key

  • Your Linksys RE6400 is plugged in and showcasing the orange light.

Now, we will start with the process of setting up the range extender through web browser:

  • With the computer or mobile, connect your device with the range extender default wifi name, that must be showing Linksys Extender setup-xxx. The three x represents the last three characteristics of the Linksys RE6400 or can be found at the back label of the device.

  • Enter “” or “” in the address bar of your mobile or web browser, then hit [Enter].

  • Then click start setup, tick both the boxes showing on the screen, and start setup.

  • After the setup, you will see a screen where As a wireless range extender option has to be selected by default. Then, click next.

  • Check for your wifi, if you are using 5 GHz band, it will display in a 2.4 GHz band. In case you have a hidden SSID, then click manually enter network name and password, or wait till it detects your wifi.

  • Enter your Wifi password in the box, then click next.

  • After this, The range extender will ask you to set up the extended wireless network it will transmit.  Click after making any desired changes to the default settings or leave them as it is and click next. The extended wireless network is the Wifi that your broad extender will broadcast to your nearby clients.

  • You need to click next if the spot finder will indicate the Linksys location is just right. This characteristic determines the signal strength of your router and extender. Make sure don’t keep your extender too far or too close, if this happens then return to the first point.

  • Set up an admin password that will secure your Linksys Re6400. It also gives you the option to add a password hint.

  • Click save, you have now set up your Re6400 range extender with the help of a web browser.

Essential troubleshooting points for Linksys RE6400

Below are the resolved troubleshooting points that will hitch your Linksys RE6400 range extender setup:   

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  • Inspect all the wired connections properly and avoid using damaged cables.

  • Make sure you have entered the right URL for web based setup which is http://

  • You must have access to high speed internet connection on your device.

  • Once, try to power cycle your Linksys RE6400 extender and try to set it up again.

  • In any case, if you have forgotten your default login credentials, cross-check with the user manual.

  • Scrutinize the plug in wall in which the extender is plugged in, make sure it is not circuited or damaged.

  • Do not set your extender with electronic devices like microwave ovens, or with bluetooth devices, or in any other corner.

  • Perform RE6400 reset.

  • Do not plug in the extender at a place where there is a fall of electricity or shortage of electricity.

  • Make sure to use the latest version of the web browser during login.

  • Try to update the latest firmware version of the RE6400.

This blog has offered you all the points that will indisputably allow you to set up your Linksys RE6400. Read the steps carefully and perform the setup in the given manner. If you still encounter any problems during the step up, our experts are to help you irrespective of time schedule. You can reach us through our free toll number and get answers to your query as we will guide you and proffer you with the easy solutions available.