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How to Fix Linksys Router Blinking Red Light

The red light on linksys router means that your router does not have an internet connection. To ensure everything, you need to first check if there are any loose plugins, or if there are any sort of cables that are damaged. The linksys router red light means that it is not properly connected to the modem whereas, the linksys Velop red light light means the node is not connecting to the primary unit in your mesh system. However, if you encounter trouble with your linksys router and it is showing you a red light, then this blog is for you. After reading the article if you still encounter any problem you can call our experts for immediate assistance and effective solutions. 

Restarting the internet equipment might solve technical issues quickly. If it doesn’t, don’t be concerned; We will help you troubleshoot the Linksys router red light issue in an easy and simple manner.

Significant Reasons For Linksys Router Red Light

There is a possibility that instead of loose cables, there are some other possible issues that will not let your linksys router red light work properly:

  • If you have plugged in the modem into the wrong port.

  • Updates/Corrupted firmware.

  • Bad Ethernet Cable.

  • WAN Port Damaged.

  • Faulty Router.

Methods to fix Linksys Router Red Light

As you know all the possible reasons which is making your Linksys router red light issue, now we will discuss methods to fix it:

Restart Linksys Router or Mesh System

Many times, a straightforward restart can take care of any issues with WiFi connectivity. Rebooting the system may be necessary to resolve a momentary technical issue or problem. Therefore, we advise you to restart your router or the entire Mesh system before troubleshooting the Linksys router.

Steps for restarting a Linksys router from a browser:

  • First, activate any browser on your computer.

  • Now, access your Linksys admin panel by going to the login URL listed on your router’s bottom label.

  • Then, on the left, click the Troubleshooting button.

  • Select Diagnostics from the menu now.

  • Finally, simply select Restart.

Power Cycle or Inspect Networking Devices

Sometimes it is possible that the simple restart for linksys router red light will not work or clear all the caches. It may not be able to resolve the problems. If your router has been functioning for a time, cache memory may have built up and be the root of your router’s network obstruction.

You must execute a power cycle to resolve this, which will erase your router’s temporary cache and start a brand-new reset. Recall that there are specific procedures that must be performed in order to power cycle the networking devices.

How To Check & Restart Networking Devices:

  • First, remove the router’s connector from the power supply.

  • Now, remove the modem’s connector from the power supply.

  • Wait a few minutes now.

  • Connect the power connector now.

  • Now, let the router reboot itself, you do not need to interrupt the process. 

  • Then, do the same for the modem. 

  • At last, check if the error is still there or not.

Check for any physical blockage around the router

It is quite possible that if your router is facing a linksys router red light issue, then you must have placed your modem in the wrong direction. This may cause interference between the router. To resolve this error you can try to relocate your router to open space, at some height.

  Physical Blockage Around The Router Can Be Removed By:

  • Avoid placing the router next to other electrical devices that can interfere with WiFi.

  • Put your router in the middle of your home.

  • The router should ideally be positioned 2 to 3 feet up above the ground.

  • Position it away from solid walls.

  • Put the router in a space that is open.

Linksys Router Red Light

Some other Methods to fix Linksys Router Red Light

If the above mentioned points do not work for your router then are some other possible methods that will help you with Linksys Router Red Light.

Check with your Internet provider

While you could be doing every trick suggested online to solve the Linksys router red light issue or mesh network or wireless router, it’s possible that your ISP is at fault. If there is an outage in your region or if they are performing maintenance, ask your internet service provider.

Checking to see whether you have paid your internet bills and if you owe anything else is also a smart idea. Your best course of action is to wait till they repair the problem if they confirm it from their end. If not, they can examine your line to see if there is a problem somewhere in between.

Steps to check with your service provider:

  • First, you can call your ISP and check for any service outrage. 

  • In case they confirm the issue, wait till the issue is not fixed. 

  • You can ask them to probably restart your network from their side.

Update Firmware for the router

The faulty or outdated firmware may be the reason for the linksys router red light. Moreover, the firmware update will fix the bugs error, and enhance the router functionality.

It is also possible that this update will help in the newer versions of the device. Thus, you must keep your firmware updated.

To know the process of updating your firmware includes:

  • First, open a web browser on your system.

  • Now, you need to login to your linksys admin account. 

  • Then, click on administration and after that on firmware update.

  • Click on the Browse option. 

  • Now, select the firmware update file that you have downloaded. 

  • After that, hit the start upgrade option. 

  • Now, wait and let the router upgrade itself. 

  • Do not turn off the router and click on continue to restart the router.

Factory Reset Linksys Router

Your stored configurations, such as your name, password, and network settings, will be erased if you perform a factory reset. It will correct all of the software’s problems and bugs and reset everything to factory defaults.

linksys blinking red

How to Use a Browser to Factory Reset a Linksys Router:

  • Start by opening your computer, launch a browser.

  • Open a Linksys account and log in.

  • Now, navigate to the Administration menu item.

  • Next, choose Factory Defaults.

  • Finally, select Restore Factory Defaults from the menu.

  • Now your router will reboot and restore its default settings.


As we have described to you several methods of resolving your Linksys Router Red Light. If your error is still not getting resolved, then you can call our experts for help. We will resolve your issues immediately and then, assist you to focus on other significant errors. Thus, our team of experts are always available to guide you.