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Is your MSRM WiFi range extender not working properly? Facing difficulty in boosting the wireless network signals with MSRM range extender? Unable to access the login page of your MSRM extender? Well, if the answer to all the above questions is yes then don’t fret! You have landed in the right place. We are here to help you. There are several reasons due to which your MSRM WiFi range extender is not working properly. A simple MSRM WiFi extender reset can help you in resolving these issues. In case you don’t know how to reset MSRM WiFi range extender then scroll down. Here, in this article, you will get to know the simple and easy instructions for MSRM WiFi extender reset. Let’s get started.


Know About MSRM WiFi Range Extender


MSRM WiFi range extender is one of the best WiFi extenders available in the market having a sleek design that can easily plug into any power outlet in your home or workplace. This device helps in creating the WiFi network throughout the home with the help of a computer or laptop or mobile phone. It has two 5dBi antennas that boost the range of the signal and provide a stable signal for the enhanced data transmission. The powerful technology used in the manufacturing of MSRM extenders enables the delivery of a consistent network without any dead links.

How To Reset MSRM WiFi Range Extender?

In case, your MSRM WiFi range extender is not working or facing any problem with your MSRM extender then a simple reset can help you to bring back your range extender in workable mode again. Look at the below steps for MSRM WiFi extender reset. You need to follow these steps carefully:

Method 1: By Pressing The Reset Button

  • Step 1: Firstly, you need to plug in your MSRM WiFi range extender into the wall socket. Turn on your WiFi range extender.

  • Step 2: After that, wait for some time until the power LED light becomes stable.

  • Step 3: Next, search for the reset/ WPS key in your MSRM range extender. You will find the reset button at the backside of the range extender.

  • Step 4: Press and hold the reset/ WPS key for at least 10-12 seconds by using the paperclip or pin until a flashlight blinks on it.

  • Step 5: After 20 seconds, your MSRM WiFi range extender will start rebooting. The red LED light blinks on the extender that indicates that the device is rebooting.

  • Step 6: The extender will reset to the factory default settings which will delete all the customized settings made by you in your extender device.

MSRM WiFi range extender

Method 2: Reset Through A Web Browser

  • Step 1: Firstly, make sure that your computer, laptop, or mobile phone is connected with the wireless network of the MSRM range extender.

  • Step 2: Open the web browser for the same device and search for http://ap.setup or

  • Step 3: Once you reach the MSRM extender webpage, enter the administrative username and password.

  • Step 4: Now, tap on the “Management” option on the confirmation “Home Page”. 

  • Step 5: Click on “System” from the drop-down menu and then to the “Factory Defaults” button.

  • Step 6: At last, click on the Ok button for the confirmation of the MSRM WiFi extender reset.

That’s All! We hope the above-mentioned steps will help you in resolving the issues with your extender device through MSRM WiFi extender reset. However, if you are facing any difficulty in resetting your MSRM extender then you can contact us at our toll-free number to talk with our professionals.