Netgear EX3700 Setup


Netgear Ex3700 is a wifi range extender that will help you improve your wifi speed, and reduce most of the interferences in the network. WIth this extender you will wifi network to the remote areas of your home. It has a capacity that covers up to 100m distance. 

After making a purchase of the NetgearEx3700, now you need to set it up so that you can use it and enjoy all features of this wifi extender.

Let’s get started on How do I set up my Netgear WiFi Extender model ex3700 by using WPS and Web browser method:

Connect using WPS

WPS enables you to connect to a secure WiFi network without entering the network name or password.

To link the Netgear Ex3700 extender to your WiFi router using WPS:

  • On the extender’s side panel, press the WPS button.

  • WPS LED flashes briefly.

  • Press the WPS button on your router or access point for two minutes.

  • The extender connects to your current WiFi network after the Router Link LED turns on and the WPS LED on the extension illuminates solid green.

  • Try again if the Router Link LED does not illuminate.

Netgear New Extender Setup
  • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to connect the extender to the 5 GHz band if your WiFi router supports it.

  • On your PC or WiFi-enabled device, look up the new extender network name. Two new extended WiFi networks are created by the extender. The new WiFi network names for the extender are derived from your current WiFi network names and terminate in _EXT.

  • Join the new extended WiFi network with your PC or other WiFi-enabled devices.

  • The WiFi password you use for your WiFi router should also be used for WiFi.

  • Unplug the extension and relocate it to a spot nearer the site with a weak WiFi connection.

  • The area you select must be within the coverage area of your current WiFi router network.

  • Connect the extender to a power outlet.

  • Watch for the Power LED to first become amber before changing to green.

  • Press the Power On/Off button on the extender’s side if the Power LED does not glow.

  • To find the location where the extender-to-router connection is most effective, use the Router Link LED on the front panel.

Now, we will do the another setup using Web Browser setup for Netgear Ex3700 

To log into the extender and configure its WiFi connection to your current WiFi network, using a web browser.

To link the extender to your WiFi router using a web browser:

  • Locate and join the WiFi extender network NETGEAR_EXT using a WiFi network manager on a PC or WiFi-enabled device.

  • The Device Link LED turns on after the connection to the PC or WiFi device is made.

  • Open a browser.

  • Type into the browser’s address bar.

  • The new extender screen will appear and in it click on the new extender setup button to create your account.

  • Fill all the options on the screen and then click on next.

  • On the next screen, try to select your region and country from the regional settings menu and click next.

  • Select WIFI RANGE EXTENDER from the menu.

  • The WiFi extender looks for nearby WiFi networks and presents a list of them.

  • Choose a WiFi network to expand, then click NEXT. Clear the 2.4 GHz WiFi Networks or the 5 GHz WiFi Networks check boxes if you don’t wish to extend both WiFi bands.

  • Enter the current WiFi network password (also known as the passphrase or security key) in the Password (Network Key) field, and then click the NEXT button.

  • Enter your new extender WiFi network’s network name (SSID) and password, then click the NEXT button.

  • To join the new extended WiFi network, use a WiFi network manager on your computer or WiFi gadget and click on the continue button.

  • A new message will appear on the screen which will display that the new extender is now connected with the wifi network.

  • Click on the next button and the registration screen will appear.

  • Complete the registration fields and click on the finish button.

  • Unplug the extender and find a new location where there are poor signal issues. Make sure the location is within the range of your existing wifi router.

  • Now, plugin the extender to the electrical outlet. Now, wait for the power LED to light up and turn to green. If it does not light up power off/on the button.

  • The router link LED will help you find a right location where extender-to-router connection is optimal.

  • Finally! You have connected the extender to your existing Wifi network.

When you will be doing this setup you may face some issues and for that we need to troubleshoot those problems in order to run Netgear Ex3700 setup: 

Troubleshoot points can be:, Netgear Nighthawk Extender Setup,
  • You have to ensure that Netgear Ex3700 is getting a proper power supply.

  • Check for the wall plugin and make sure it is not damaged.

  • Access high speed internet connection.

  • Check all the wires and do not use any damaged cables.

  • Keep your extender away from the walls, corners, or any other electronic devices.

  • If you face any issue with, be certain that you have entered the right URL.

  • You can also try to power cycle your Netgear Ex3700 and try to set it up again.

  • Ensure to use the latest web browser.

  • Update the latest Netgear firmware version on your extender.

  • If nothing works then go for factory reset.

These steps will make your Netgear Ex3700 setup launch successful. If you think you are unable to this setup or are missing on any point get hassle-free assistance right away! For knowledgeable assistance our experts are here to tackle your queries. Our committed team is prepared to offer you first-rate assistance and quickly get you back on track.