Opticover WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS

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Opticover WiFi Extender Setup Without WPS

Opticover WiFi Extender Setup Without WPSOpticover Extender Setup

Opticover extender is a device that helps in extending the WiFi range and speed all-around your home or office. You can use this device wirelessly or with wires depending upon your requirements. It helps in resolving several WiFi problems and the dead zones in your home or workplace. Once you complete the opticover WiFi extender setup, you can extend the speed up to 1200 Mbps. It offers secure encryption and a safe network for your stored data. The antennas of the extender device ensure a stable network throughout your home. To use this device effectively, you only need to complete the Opticover extender setup. Let’s get started with how to set up the Opticover wifi extender setup without WPS.

Simple Step-By-Step Guidelines for Opticover Extender Setup

Look at the instructions below for Opticover WiFi extender setup without WPS. You need to follow these steps for the opticover extender setup using the web browser:

  1. Firstly, connect your Opticover extender to the electrical socket. Turn on your wireless repeater. Make sure that you have put the extender device on a repeater mode.

  2. Place your Opticover extender nearer to the router.

  3. After that, open the list of all the WiFi networks from your computer or smartphone. Thereafter, open the network by connecting it to the default wireless n option.

  4. Open any web browser from your connected device. Type the IP address in the address bar of the web browser.

  5. Now, go to the next page. Create a new password for logging in the Opticover extender setup page. Tap on the Start button.

  6. In the next step, choose the network of your router device. Enter the password of your router’s network. After this, click on the next button to proceed further.

  1. Next, create a new network name if you want to. In case, you do not wish to create a new network name then tap on the Next button.

  2. Check all the details appearing on your screen. Click on the Save button.

  3. At last, a message displayed on the screen saying Opticover extender setup is completed successfully.

Steps for Configuration of Opticover Extender as Access Point

Follow the below steps for the configuration of the Opticover extender as the access point:

  1. Firstly, plugin your Opticover extender into the power socket. Make sure that your extender device is connected properly.

  2. Turn on your Opticover extender.

  3. After that, slide the switch button and turn on the access point. Now, plug in the Ethernet cable from the router to the LAN port of the Opticover extender to connect the extender and router with each other.

  4. Thereafter, connect your device to the opticover default WiFi network named “Wireless-N” in the PC or phone WiFi list.

  5. Launch a web browser on the connected device. Enter “ap.setup” and “” in the web address of the web browser.

  6. A new page will open where you can create a password for future login.

  7. Now, the Opticover extender setup webpage will open. After that, select the wizard and then click on Access Point.

  8. Enter old SSID, security type, and password.

  9. Now, wait for some time to update the changes and to reboot the device.

  10. Once you are done with reconfiguring and rebooting the Opticover extender then your device is ready to work as the access point. Now, you can access the high-speed internet connection with a stable connection.

That’s All! We hope that the above-mentioned steps will help you in opticover wifi extender setup without WPS so that you can enjoy a high-speed internet connection even in the dead zones without any difficulty.