Opticover WiFi Extender Troubleshooting

Are you looking for the Opticover WiFi extender setup steps? Facing issues in Opticover extender setup? Do you want to get the steps for opticover wifi extender troubleshooting? Well, you don’t need to search further as you just come across the ultimate guide. Here, you will learn the best tips for troubleshooting opticover range extender without facing any difficulty. Opticover WiFi range extender is an ultimate device used to improve the internet speed and provide outstanding performance. Let’s get started. 

Troubleshooting Opticover Wireless Range Extender 

The Opticover range extender is known for delivering the optimal WiFi network range throughout your home or office. But sometimes, there may be a possibility that you may face various issues with it such as opticover WiFi range extender is not working. Go through the below opticover wifi extender troubleshooting tricks to resolve the issues with your extender device: 

Step 1: If the Opticover WiFi extender won’t turn on then make sure that you have plugged in the extender into the power outlet properly. 

Step 2: There may be a possibility that your device is not getting the internet. So, check the internet connectivity. If it still doesn’t work then contact the internet service provider. 

Step 3: Make sure that you have done the correct configuration of opticover WiFi range extender. 

Step 4: Sometimes, the Opticover range extender is unable to access the login page. So, you need to ensure that you have used the correct IP address for accessing the Opticover extender login web page. 

Step 5: Remove or clear the browsing history, cache memory, cookies and junk files from your system. 

Step 6: Try to use some other web browser for accessing the Opticover WiFi range extender setup page. 

Step 7: If you have not connected your Oticover extender properly then you may face the difficulty. To fix this issue, unplug the extender into the power outlet and turn off the device. 

Step 8: Restart the router, extender and computer or router.

Step 9: Reset your Opticover WiFi range extender to the factory default settings. 

Step 10: Ensure that you are connected to the Opticover extender device. Also, the WiFi LAN IP settings should not be configured with the static IP address. 

Step 11: Ensure that you have entered the correct username and password to access the Opticover WiFi range extender webpage. 

Step 12: Make sure that the web browser that you are using for accessing the Opticover extender login page is updated to the latest available version. 

Steps to Factory Reset the Opticover WiFi Range Extender 

After following the above steps, if you are unable to resolve the issues with your Opticover WiFi range extender then you need to go ahead with the factory reset process. The factory reset of your extender will remove the configuration done by you and disconnect your device with any WiFi router. Follow the below steps for factory reset the Opticover WiFi range extender:

Step 1: Firstly, plugin the repeater to the power outlet and make it ready to boot it up completely.

Step 2: After that, search for the reset button on your extender.

Step 3: Once you find the button, press and hold it for 10-12 seconds and then release the button when you see that the LED light starts blinking. 

Step 4: Next, the extender will reboot and takes 3-4 minutes to restore the settings to the factory default mode. 

Step 5: After resetting the Opticover extender, login again to the extender and make the changes in the settings according to your requirements.