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How to Reset Netgear WiFi Extender

Facing continuously error with WiFi extender, reset Netgear extender to its factory setting. WiFi repeater randomly disconnecting, unable to automatically guide explains the steps how to retore default Netgear extender factory setting using 

how to reset netgear wifi extender

Netgear Extender Reset Using IP Address

To perform Netgear Wifi extender reset:

  • You are required to know the default IP address which is connected with the Netgear Wifi extenders.

  • The IP address is required to access the firmware in order to reset or change any other admin setting.

  • The IP address is generally found in the manual that the Netgear extender comes with.

What if you can’t find the default IP address?

  • If you have misplaced the manual, please visit the Netgear website and check for your specific extender, and you’ll find the IP address.

  • If unable to find the IP address, you may need prosupport services.

  • Once you get it, you open the browser page from your phone or laptop, type in the IP address, and the password and proceed.

Note: If unable to locate IP or WiFi repeater you can access WiFi range extender using local admin panel.

how to factory reset netgear extender

Why you should upgrade the Firmware for Netgear

Firmware is the software that is installed on the Netgear device. Your Wi-Fi range extender will not function without the firmware. However, the firmware inside the extender may occasionally require an upgrade to increase its efficiency and performance. Once you’ve logged in, you may use the IP address to examine the current status of the extender’s framework. If your Wifi extender is old or out of date, you’ll need to update the firmware.

Reset Netgear Extender Using Mywifinext.Net Local Admin is the default local admin panel. It allows you to reset Netgear extender as well as alter settings such as the Wifi name and password via the internet.

  • This method of Wifi extender reset is also known as a soft reset. The benefit of performing a soft reset is that you can save your Wifi settings on the internet and restore them at any time.

  • The Netgear Genie smart setup will emerge and walk you through the setup. It is simple to use.

  • However, if you prefer a more technical approach, you can choose a simple hard reset.

how to reset my netgear extender
reset netgear extender

Restore Default Factory Setting With The Reset Button

When it comes to doing a factory reset on your Wifi range extender, a hard factory reset is another viable and widely utilized alternative method. However, this should only be used if you are unable to execute a gentle reset.

  • In the device, there is a button titled reset button that you will use to execute the hard reset.

  • This hard reset button is found on every model of extension and router.

  • It is clearly labeled for Netgear Wifi extenders. To press this button, you’ll need a needle or a sharp item.

  • When the device is turned on, press this button for around 10 seconds and then perform the reset method.

  • As the extender reboots, you’ll see that the lights will turn off and on.

  • This step will reset Netgear extender to its default settings. After that, you’ll have to repeat the process to configure it.

What will Netgear WiFi extender reset do? 

When you need to pair the Wifi extender with another router, the reset procedure comes in handy. Both the hard and soft reset options will function flawlessly. It’s simple to perform a hard reset because all you have to do is push the button. But keep in mind that you’ll lose all of your extender’s Wifi settings and data, including passwords, Wifi names, and other technical information.

Reset WiFi Range Extender via Local Admin Panel

  • First, you have to connect the computer to the Wifi range extender through a wireless or wired connection.

  • Now, launch the web browser of your choice and type the IP address of the Netgear range extender.

  • Login to the admin panel by using the password and username.

  • Once you will be taken to the admin panel, you have to click on the advanced button.

  • Here, go to settings and then the reset button.

  • Click on the reset button to begin the process.

how to reset netgear extender
Netgear Extender Reset

Factory Reset WiFi Extender To its Default Setting

A factory reset is a method of restoring a device to its original state. The Netgear extender will assist you in resolving a variety of minor issues with your device. Not only that but resetting your extender is the first thing you should do if you forget your password or username. With this guide, you can easily perform a factory reset Netgear extender. There are different ways to reset your Netgear Wifi extender, and then in this blog, we have provided some of the most commonly used and easiest methods. All you have to do is perform each step carefully to complete the process.