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Wireless Extender Setup

Frustrated with getting slow or no internet connectivity all over your home or office? Have you purchased a new Rockspace WiFi range extender? Facing difficulties in Rockspace WiFi extender setup? Unable to access re.rockspcae.local web page for Rockspace setup? If the answer is yes and you are confused about how to use the functionalities of the Rockspace extender then don’t panic! Here, you will get the best setup guide for the Rockspace range extender setup. Just scroll down and keep reading the article carefully. 

Methods for Rocksapce WiFi Extender Setup

There are various methods through which you can easily set up your Rockspace WiFi range extenders such as the Manual setup method or the WPS method. In this section, we have described those methods in detail. Both approaches are simple and successful. Before starting the setup process, you need to make sure that you are using the updated version of the firmware of the Rockspace extender. 

Method 1: Using Wireless Protected Setup (WPS)

Go through the below steps for the Rockspace setup by using the wireless protected setup method (WPS):

Step 1: If you are using the older Rocksapce WiFi range extender then the first step that you need to perform is to reset it. Search for the reset button and then press it by using a sharp-pointed object such as a paper clip or needle. 

Step 2: Make sure to place your Rockspace extender nearer to the wireless home router. 

Step 3: After that, plug in your WiFi range extender into the power outlet. Ensure that your wireless range extender device is getting the proper power supply.

Step 4: Now, you have to wait for some time, and thereafter, press the WPS button.

Step 5: Remember to do not unplug the extender until you will see the solid green light on your device.

Step 6: Unplug your extender and place it in a new location. Ensure that you have placed the wireless range extender halfway between your home wireless router and the place where you are facing the dead spots.

Step 7: Now, you have to test the live internet connection. For this, connect your computer to the extended network and check the internet connection. 

Method 2: Using Ethernet Cable 

Follow the below steps for Rockspace WiFi extender setup Rockspace WiFi extender setup by using the Ethernet cable:

Step 1: Firstly, place your extender nearer to the wireless home router.

Step 2: After that, connect your wireless router to the Rockspace WiFi range extender using a CAT5 Ethernet cable. 

Step 3: Take another Ethernet cable and plug your computer or laptop into the router.

Step 4: Next, plug in the power outlet with your WiFi range extender and wireless router. Ensure that are giving the proper power supply to your wireless range extender. 

Step 5: In the next step, launch any internet browser on your computer. Ensure that you are using the latest available version of the internet browser. 

Step 6: Go to the login page of your extender by entering the re.rockspace.local or ap.setup web address in the address bar of the internet browser. 

Note: If you are unable to access re.rockspcae.local, then try to log in to the default IP address of your range extender. 

Step 7: Now, you are navigated to the Rockspace WiFi range extender admin panel.

Step 8: Enter the default credential details for your Rockspace WiFi range extender in the appropriate fields. Hit on the Sign-in or Log-in button.

Step 9: Once you log in, you are redirected to the Rockspace WiFi range extender setup webpage. Choose the “extender” option to go ahead with the setup process.

Step 10: Follow on-screen instructions to complete the Rockspace extender setup process. 

Step 11: Tap on the Save button to apply the final changes made by you in the Rockspace extender setting. 

Step 12: Unplug your extender and place it in a new location where you are facing internet connectivity issues. You need to make sure that you have placed your wireless range extender halfway between the wireless home router and the dead network spots. 

Step 13: Now, test the live internet connectivity. For this, you have to connect your computer system to the extended network.

Instructions to Login to Rockspace Range Extender 

Go through the below steps to log in to the Rockspace range extender using re.rockspcae.local web address:

Step 1: The first step is to connect the Rockspace range extender to your computer or laptop. For establishing the connection, you can use WiFi on your computer or mobile device. 

Step 2: Open the WiFi on your computer or mobile. After that, search for the wireless network named “rockspace_ext”. Connect to the wireless network of the extender. 

Step 3: Once your device is connected successfully to the wireless network then launch any internet browser. Enter the web address re.rockspcae.local or IP address in the URL bar of the internet browser. 

Step 4: Click on the login button.

Step 5: Now, enter the login credential details into the respective fields of the login form. Make sure to enter the correct details as incorrect information shows an error message on your screen. 

Step 6: You will be navigated to the dashboard of the Rockspace WiFi range extender. 

Step 7: Here, you can change the settings of your Rockspace extender such as username, password, and network security. 

Guidelines to Update Rockspace Extender Firmware

Look at the below steps to update the firmware of the Rocksapce WiFi range extender:

Step 1: Once you reached the login web page of the Rockspace WiFi range extender, click on the menu bar and then click on the “Administration” option.

Step 2: After that, click on the firmware update option given under the Administration.

Step 3: Thereafter, you need to search for the file for the latest firmware updates on the configuration device.

Step 4: Hit on the install button. Now, you have to wait for some time until the update process is get completed.

Step 5: When the updation of the Rockspace WiFi range extender firmware is completed, your device will start rebooting automatically. 

Step 6: Make sure to do not turn off your device during the booting up process.