Why Is My Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange Light?

By installing Linksys RE6500 range extender, you do not need to purchase a new wifi router for poor network areas of your house. You can simply install the wifi range extender and enhance the network coverage, speed, and stability. However, like any other device Linksys also shows errors. If your Linksys RE6500 is blinking an orange light and you don’t know what to do, then this is your page. Follow the points in this blog to check the reason for blinking orange light and how to resolve it. 

When Does Linksys RE6500 Blink Orange?

The Linksys RE6500 is blinking orange light when it has a poor connection with the primary router. If you connect your router and extender over wifi then there must be a problem in the internet connection or the devices might have an obstruction between them. In case of a wired connection, if the wires are not tightly attached or it is damaged then the connection won’t be successful.

Troubleshooting Points To Fix Linksys RE6500 Blinking Orange Light

Following points will guide you how to fix Linksys RE6500 blinking orange light;

  • Good network connection – When your router does not have a working internet connection or it is turned off, then there will be no connection between the router and extender. Make sure your wifi is turned on while establishing a connection between the wifi router and extender. Check the internet speed and quality of the wifi router. 
  • Place the router and extender closer to each other – When you place the wifi router and extender at a distance then the connection is obstructed by the substances in between such as, microwaves, radio, tv, etc. So, unplug your Linksys extender from its current spot and place it in a new location that is near to the wifi router. This will make the connection stronger.
  • Restart the primary wifi router – If you have tried the above-given steps and still not resolved the issue then, restart your main wifi router device. Reboot your device to get rid of any minor technical defaults. After this, try connecting your devices and see if the blinking orange light issue is resolved or not.
  • Proper Setup – While setting up your linksys wifi extender, make sure you follow all the points properly. Ensure the wire used for a wired connection is in a good working condition. Also, make sure the devices are compatible with each other. 

Orange Light Is Not Blinking Anymore!

The Linksys RE6500 is a great wifi extender device, but if the connection is not made properly it might also give you network connectivity issues. So, make sure you set up the extender properly. Follow the above-mentioned tips to fix Linksys RE6500 blinking orange light issue. Enjoy boosted network connection and good signals all over your house.