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TP-Link RE450 Range Extender Setup

Many times, you have seen that your router lacks WiFi signals all-around your home or office. It is important to have stable signals to work efficiently. In doing the same, switch to TP-Link RE450 WiFi range extender as it will help you in getting the stable WiFi signals in-home WiFi network. If you are looking for the best range extender then TP-Link re450 is the best option for you that actually extends the wireless signals and removes the dead zones. With this device, you can strengthen the wireless signals which the router is not able to reach and decrease the signal interference to ensure you’re getting reliable WiFi network coverage in your home network. This article highlights the simple procedure for the TP-Link RE450 range extender setup. Let’s start TP-Link RE450 setup in quick steps. 

TP-Link RE450 Range Extender Setup via Web Browser

Look at the below steps for TP-Link RE450 range extender setup on your device through the web browser:

Step 1: Firstly, unbox your TP-Link re450 range extender by removing the packing material and tapes all around it.

Step 2: After that, unplug your modem.

Step 3: Make sure that your home network is working well.

Step 4: Next, you need to connect your modem to the TP-Link RE450 WiFi range extender using the Ethernet cable.

Step 5: Place your TP-Link RE450 WiFi range extender closer to the TP-Link wireless router.

Step 6: Connect your extender with the power supply.

Step 7: Thereafter, you need to check whether the power light is working on your TP-Link re450 extender or not. In case, if it was not working then press on or off button on the wireless range extender. 

Step 8: Connect your TP-Link re450 extender and modem with the computer or laptop through an Ethernet cable. 

Step 9: Launch any internet browser of your choice from your system. 

Step 10: Enter in the address bar of the internet browser to open the TP-Link extender setup page. If this web address does not work for you then use the alternative method i.e. the IP address of the TP-Link extender.

Step 11: Once the login page displays on the screen, enter the username and password. Both the default username and password is “admin”.

Step 12: Now, tap on the scan the WiFi option and it detects the WiFi. In case, it is unable to detect the WiFi then enter it manually. 

Steps for TP-Link RE450 Setup with Wireless Protected Setup 

Follow the below steps for TP-Link RE450 setup with the wireless protected setup (WPS) method:

Step 1: The first step is to unwrap the TP-Link re450 extender by removing the wrapping material and tape all around it. 

Step 2: After that, place your extender nearer to the TP-Link wireless router.

Step 3: If the LED light indicator on the TP-Link RE450 extender turns on then it means that your extender is turned on.

Step 4: Next, check the internet connection on your device.

Step 5: Connect your TP-Link RE450 extender to the power supply and make sure it is turned on. 

Step 6: Now, check if the power indicator light is working or not. If it is not working then press the on or off button on your extender.

Step 7: In the next step, search for the WPS button on your extender and router. Once you find it, press the WPS button on the TP-Link wireless router and TP-link extender. 

Step 8: The extender and router will take a few seconds to turn on.

Step 9: Thereafter, you can use the TP-Link RE450 extender.