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Wireless N Repeater Setup

Are you facing trouble in getting reliable WiFi signals in your space even in the dead zones? Well, if your answer is YES then wireless n repeater setup could be the solution for your problem. A wireless n repeater is an ultimate device with which you can easily extend the network coverage area and range of the wireless network signals. It receives the existing wireless signals, amplifies them, and then transmits the boosted signals to every corner of your home or workplace. With this device, you can easily double the network coverage area of the wireless network to different floors, corners of your space, etc. 

Wireless N Repeater Setup Using WPS Method

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) is known as the simplest way for the wireless n repeater setup. Follow the below instructions for wireless n repeater setup using the WPS method:

Step 1: Firstly, unbox your wireless repeater.

Step 2: Make sure to place your wireless repeater nearer to the WiFi router. It is good to place both of the devices in the same room during the setup of your wireless repeater. 

Step 3: After that, plug in the wireless repeater to the power socket.

Step 4: Now, wait for some time and then switch on your home wireless router. 

Step 5: Check whether the LED power light on the router and repeater turns into a solid green color or not. 

Step 6: Search for the WPS button on wireless n repeater and once you find it, press the button.

Step 7: Unplug your wireless repeater when the WPS LED light turns solid green. Once you complete the wireless repeater setup, move it to the new location. 

Step 8: Next, try to connect the computer or laptop to the extended wireless network. 

Step 9: Open any internet browser and go to any website of your preference to test the internet connection on your device. 

How to Setup Wireless N Wifi Repeater?

Go through the below guidelines for the wireless n repeater setup by using the manual method through

Step 1: The first step is to unbox your wireless repeater.

Step 2: Move your repeater nearer to the home WiFi router.

Step 3: Connect your router to the wireless n repeater by using CAT-5 or CAT-6 Ethernet cable. 

Step 4:Switch on your computer or laptop. Connect your computer to the home WiFi router.

Step 5: Launch any internet browser from your computer.

Step 6: Go to the official web page of wireless n repeater setup. If you are unable to open the webpage then you can use the default IP address to set up the wireless repeater. 

Step 7: Now, you will be navigated to the wireless repeater login page.

Step 8: Next, you need to enter the default WiFi repeater login credential details. Tap on the login button.

Step 9: Thereafter, you will be redirected to the admin panel of the wireless n repeater setup page.

Step 10: Follow the instructions as displayed on your screen.

Step 11: Tap on the Apply button to save all the changes made by you.

Step 12: Unplug your WiFi repeater and move it to the new place of your preference.

Step 13: Try to connect your computer or laptop to the extended wireless network. 

Step 14: Open any internet browser and go to any website of your preference to test your internet connection. 

Thus, by reading the above-mentioned instructions, you will get to know “how to setup wireless N Wifi Repeater” on your device without facing any difficulty. These are the simple steps that assist you in wireless n repeater setup. In case, you are stuck somewhere during wireless repeater setup then you can call our helpline number to talk with our support team for an immediate solution to the problem.