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How To Fix Xfinity Router Flashing Green No Internet

Is your Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet error? It basically means that your router is having some ongoing tasks or processes with your network device. Whether solid green lights indicate a seamless connection and the device is ready to use. The green blinking light on your Xfinity modem shows that it is in the process of establishing a connection with the internet network. However, when the connection is established, the green lights become stable. If you are encountering a similar problem, the blog has answers for your error. 

Now, there may be several reasons due to which the Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet; stay tuned with us to know how to resolve it. Along with this, we will suggest how to resolve it through different methods.

Reasons Why Xfinity Router Flashing Green No Internet?

There are several reasons that are resulting in Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet. As a result, we will help you with some of those reasons:

  • The Xfinity router or gateway may be rebooting or restarting.

  • The modem is trying to connect to the internet.

  • The Xfinity router may be facing a network error.

  • During the firmware update, it flashes a green light.

  • A power failure with the Xfinity network modem.

xfinity gateway blinking green

How To Fix Xfinity Gateway Flashing Green No Internet?

The Xfinity router flashing green no internet can be resolved using different tricks; some of these tricks are given below: 

xfinity gateway flashing green no internet

Check for Xfinity Service Outage

If you are in contract with your Xfinity and receiving internet from their sources, perhaps there may be an outgoing outage at this moment in your area. However, the green light on the Xfinity gateway flashing green light indicates that something is wrong since the router interprets a lack of internet as an issue. To resolve this issue:

  • Visit Xfinity Status and click “Check for Outages” to support your area.

  • You can even call our experts for immediate help on the issue.

The Xfinity service address must then be entered so that you may receive up-to-date, accurate information about any outages. 

Reconnect the Coaxial Cable

When the coaxial cable becomes lost or disconnected from the Xfinity router, the device will be unable to work. It will attempt to identify the internet in order to connect back. If this is the case, the Xfinity router flashing green light. To resolve this error:

  • First, connect one end of the coaxial cable to the wall.

  • Now, you need to connect the other end to the Xfinity modem port.

  • Further, you can tighten the cables from both sides,

  • Again, when it’s done, restart the Xfinity router to refresh. 

xfinity gateway flashing green

Manually Update Xfinity Router

Sometimes, the Xfinity router flashes a green light with no internet because of the failed firmware upgrade. Mostly, the Xfinity router updates automatically, but if it fails, some impermanent networking issue may arise; if you need to resolve this error:

xfinity gateway flashing green no internet
  • First, you need to connect a device to the Xfinity modem via WiFi or Ethernet. 

  • Now, open an online browser.

  • Then, type into the search field and search for the query.

  • Wait for the Xfinity login page to load and appear. 

  • Now, insert the username: ‘admin’ and password: ‘password’.

  • Then, go to Settings> Advanced > Administration. 

  • Finally, select the ‘Firmware Updates’ button to start the upgrade.

If the above points do not work, you can try to open the command prompt (CMD) on a window-operated machine which is connected to your Xfinity router. From there, type ‘ipconfig’ and copy the ‘Default Gateway’; it will help you open the router’s control panel via a web browser.

Some Other Methods To Fix Xfinity Gateway Flashing Green No Internet.

If the above points do not work for you, then we are explaining some other methods to fix the Xfinity gateway flashing green with no internet.

Factory Reset Xfinity Modem

In case the blinking green light has not resolve yet, then, you can try to do the factory reset of the Xfinity modem. To perform the factory reset for Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet issue:

  • First, you need to find the reset button pinhole available on the back of the router. 

  • Now, use a non-metallic short object to securely reach inside. 

  • Then, press and hold the reset button for at least 15 seconds. 

  • Finally, release the button when all Xfinity modem LEDs go off.

xfinity gateway blinking green

Flush the DNS via CMD

To resolve the Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet issue, Flushing the DNS is one of the finest ways to address any possible problems. Once again, we’ll want a Windows-operated machine or computer linked to the Xfinity modem.

After that, you have to open the Command Prompt “CMD” as administrator, run “/flushdns,” and hit Enter key.


The blog has given enough information on how you can fix the Xfinity gateway flashing green no internet. You can do this process efficiently if you will read the blog carefully. Moreover, if you encounter any kind of trouble while working, then you can call our experts for help. Get in touch with us and get instant support from our experts.


1. Why is there no internet and flickering on my Xfinity modem?

The flickering modem lights might indicate a connectivity problem. Verify that all of the cables are firmly attached. To restore the connection, restart your modem and router. Contact Xfinity assistance if the problem continues.

2. What causes my internet light to flicker green?

Your modem’s flickering green internet light may indicate that a connection is being established. If it continues blinking after a few seconds, there could be a network problem. Check the cords and restart the modem.

3. Why is the blinking no internet light on me?

An issue with the internet connection is often indicated by a blinking “no internet” indicator. Make sure your membership is valid, and inspect your network and modem for frayed cords. As required, get in touch with Xfinity support.

4. How can I solve my Xfinity router's internet connectivity issues?

Try these steps to solve this:

  • First, restart your router and modem.
  • Now, examine the cable connections.
  • After that, verify the status of your subscription.
  • Reset the router, or ask for help from Xfinity support.

5. What is an Xfinity Gateway reset?

Find the reset button on your Xfinity Gateway, which is often a little hole. For roughly 10 seconds, push and hold the reset button with a paperclip or other similar item. The Gateway will resume with its default settings when you release the button.