How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

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How to Update Linksys Router Firmware

It is essential to perform Linksys router firmware updates so that its functioning does not hamper. We are very sure that your router does automatic firmware upgrades. In order to ensure that your router updates automatically and without your intervention, you should enable this setting when first configuring it. However, our blog will demonstrate the process of how to update router firmware for a number of Linksys routers. If, for whatever reason, your router does not allow automatic updates or you have never activated the option, then read the blog to discover these processes.  

Our blog will help you ease your process of a firmware update that will ensure the smooth functioning of your internet. It may hamper other functions, due to which it is essential to upgrade it.

Methods to Update Linksys Router Firmware

Different methods have been developed that will assist in this functioning. The blog will guide on these methods step by step: 

Update Linksys Router Firmware using the web browser

You can update Linksys router firmware by opening your favorite web browser. Below are the steps to initiate this method:

  • First, navigate the connectivity > basic path by clicking.

  • Then, click Check for Updates in the box labeled Firmware Update.

  • NOTE: If it hasn’t been checked before, you may activate automatic firmware upgrades by clicking the box next to Automatic.

  • After that, if there is an update available, click the Click Here link.

  • Now, to install the updated firmware, select Yes in the Update Firmware pop-up box.

  • Then, to restart the router, click OK.

  • Finally, click OK in the pop-up box to complete the firmware update.

Using Checks for the Updates button

It is essential to use checks for the updates button so that you can easily update Linksys router firmware:

  • First, open your Linksys cloud account and log in.

  • Then, click Connectivity when the web interface opens.

  • Now, click Check for Updates in the Firmware Update section.

  • You may download and install the firmware on your device as soon as the router detects a firmware update. 

  • NOTE: Your router is running the most recent version of firmware if the message “No updates found” appears.

  • Then, click Yes in the Update Firmware pop-up window.

  • The firmware on your router will begin to update.

  • NOTE: In order to prevent damaging your router’s firmware, it is crucial that you do not turn off the router or close the browser window during this procedure.

  • Now, you’ll see a screen saying, “Router Reboot.”

  • Then, select “OK” to proceed.

  • Finally, click OK on the Firmware update complete screen when the firmware upgrade has successfully finished.

Other Methods to Update Linksys Router Firmware

Now, we will understand other methods that will help you to update Linksys router firmware efficiently. To know these methods, check the below details: 

  • First, you need to look for the reset button on the back of your router.

  • Now, grab a pin, insert and hold the spectrum reset button for 30 seconds.

  • Finally, wait for few minutes until the router resets and re-establishes the connection

Use the manual upgrade method

If the upgrade tool isn’t working, use this technique to install beta software. To manually update linksys router firmware, you should always connect it to your computer through a cable connection.

  • First, save the Linksys firmware file to your PC.

  • Then, select Basic under Connectivity.

  • Now, under Firmware Update, click Choose File.

  • Then, click the Open (or Choose) button after specifying the file that is saved on your computer.

  • Now, to start the installation process, click Start.

  • After that, to confirm, click Yes in the pop-up box.

  • To complete, click OK.

Using Etherfast Cable Update Linksys Router Firmware

Updating Linksys Router firmware using the EtherFast Cable/DSL is possible. For information on how to complete the update, please read below: 

how-to-update-linksys-router -firmware
  • Start by unzipping the contents of the compressed file into a subfolder that is accessible using the Winzip application.

  • Then, open Windows Explorer and navigate to the file-saving subfolder.

  • Now, to install the Upgrade Firmware program, double-click on Tftp.

  • Then, it will show the Upgrade Firmware dialog box.

  • File: To find the firmware file with the BIN extension, click the triple “…” button. 

  • Now, the file you downloaded that was extracted included the BIN extension. “code.bin” was extracted on the Windows desktop in the example.

  • Then, to begin the upgrading process, click the upgrading option.

  • There will be a status bar to track your progress.

  • At last, click OK to end the upgrading process and dismiss the window.

Conclusion: Now you have got all the details on how to update Linksys router firmware. All these steps are easy and accessible. If you encounter trouble at any time, you can call our experts for immediate assistance. Our experts will help you with these problems and offer an immediate solution. Thus, get in touch with us for immediate support.