Victony WiFi Extender Setup

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Victony WiFi Extender Setup

Victony WiFi Extender SetupDo you face any difficulty in Victony WiFi extender setup? Wondering how to set up Victony WiFi extender? Well, if YES? Don’t panic! Here, you will get to know the simple instructions for Victony WiFi extender setup. Let’s get started.

Victony WiFi Extender

Victony WiFi range extender is an ultimate device with which you can easily solve the various problems associated with internet speed. It helps you to boost the internet speed and WiFi coverage all around the home or office even in the dead zones. It is wireless and easy to set up. It has four antennas which offer unparalleled WiFi range for high-speed internet connection.

How to Setup Victony Wi-Fi Extender?

Go through the below steps for the Victony WiFi extender setup on your device:

  1. Firstly, you need to plug in the Victony WiFi range extender to your router device. Make sure to place your router and extender in the same room for a faster internet connection.

  2. After that, wait for some time until the power LED light turns to the solid of the Victony extender.

  3. Thereafter, press and hold the WPS button located on your Victony repeater for some seconds.

  4. Follow the same above process for your router device.

  5. Now, you will see that the stable LED light would start blinking on both of your devices i.e., extender and router for 20-22 seconds, and will stop after some time. It indicates that the Victony WiFi extender set up successfully.

  6. The LED light on the extender will turn stable again after some time. If it is not stable then reset your Victony extender and try again with the same procedure.

  7. In the next step, unplug your Victony range extender and place it anywhere where you want to place it within the range of your router.

  8. At last, your extender will pop up the WiFi list with the same password as that of your router. Now, you can connect and start streaming without any buffering.

Easy Steps for Victony WiFi Extender Setup with a Web Browser

Go through the below steps for Victony WiFi extender setup by using a web browser:

  1. Place your Victony extender in the midway between the connectivity issue and router. Make sure that you will get half percent of the network signals from a router to the extender.

  2. In this scenario, it is not important to plug in the Victony extender to the router.

  3. Turn on your Victony extender. Push the button from Victony extender or repeater mode.

  4. Thereafter, take your laptop or smartphone and access the WiFi settings. Click on the Victony extender network which will open the network without entering any password so that you can connect your device to the internet connection.

  5. Once the device is connected and shows there is no internet connection then launch any web browser.

  6. Now, wait for some time until the power LED light turns stable and green.

  7. Type IP address or ap setup login in the URL bar of the web browser. Click on the enter button. Now, the Victony extender setup web page displays on the screen. Follow on-screen instructions carefully.

  8. In the next step, the system will ask you to enter the username and password. Enter “admin” in both the fields for username and password.

  9. When the system asks you to select the network type to extend then select the network that you want to extend and enter the password for that network.

  10. Once you update the setting, it hardly takes 1 minute to reboot the system. After that, you can connect to the devices.

  11. At last, go to the WiFi settings and connect any WiFi-enabled device to the Victony extender to enjoy a high-speed internet connection.

With these instructions, you can complete the Victony WiFi extender setup successfully without any hassle. All the steps are easy to execute.