Linksys Default Password

Guide To Restore Linksys Default Password

The Linksys Default Password is used to access the web-based setup page of your router. How do I find my Linksys router password? You will need the admin password to tweak the configuration, update verification, or update—the purpose behind keeping the router password protected.

The default password for the Linksys routers varies based on the model. One needs to remember that the admin password differs from your WiFi password. You should change your admin password for optimum security of your Linksys router.

Some of the standard applications that require the admin password are as follows:

  • Association to the Linksys cloud system

  • Remote management

  • For Local access to or which is usually understood as a classic web-based interface.

Linksys Router Admin

How Do I Log Into My Linksys Router Admin? Forgot Password

In case you lost or forgot the admin password, you can try the following things to retrieve it:

Log into your Linksys cloud account

You can quickly check and update the router password using your Linksys cloud account.

Reset the router

If the first option was not of much help to you in recovering the admin password, then you will need to reset your router to its default factory settings. Before you proceed with the reset option, you must understand that resetting all your saved and customized settings will be restored to the factory settings.

Once you have successfully retrieved your admin password, it is safe to write it down somewhere and store it safely for future reference.

Linksys Router Password Not Working? Change Your WiFi Password –

Without a doubt, changing your Wi-Fi password frequently is the best way to keep your network secure. You can easily change your password for your Linksys Router and Wi-Fi with this method:

Reset or change your Linksys Wi-Fi password:

If you have the standard Linksys router, you can easily reset the Wi-Fi password through the router.

  • First, you must access the router using a browser on your smart device or PC and visit

  • Log into your router with the current password and username. If your Linksys Router Password is Not Working, check the above steps to retrieve it. You may also have to reset your Linksys router to its factory settings.

  • Once you can access the router, go to Wireless > Wireless Security. It is to be noted that the older models of Linksys Wi-Fi will show Wi-Fi settings instead of security.

  • Enter a new Wi-Fi password in the passphrase field.

  • Then make sure to save the changes; now, your password for your Wi-Fi network will have been changed.

Linksys Router Password is Not Working

Parting Words

Do you need any help with the steps above? We have simplified the Linksys Default Password steps for you, but if you still face any problems with your router or changing your Wi-Fi password, feel free to contact us. Our Linksys router expert technicians are available to help you out.